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<개발자가 놓지지말아야할 책 베스트70>
Thinking In Java/Bruce Eckel 
Practical C Programming/Steve Oualline 
Instant CORBA/Robert Orfali,Dan Harkey,Jeri Edwards 
Modern Database Management/Fred R.McFadden,Jeffrey A.Hoffer,Mary B.Prescott 
Programming Pearls/Jon Bently 
Effective C++/Scott Meyers 
Unix Network Programming/W.Richard Stevens 
MicroC/OS-II The Real-Time Kernel/Jean J.Labrosse 
Unix Internals:The New Frontiers/Uresh Vahalia 
Extreme Programming Installed/Ron Jeffries,Ann Anderson,Chet Hendrickson

개발자가 놓지지말아야할 책 베스트40 
Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines/Apple Computer Staff 
Design Patterns/Gang of Four 
Refactoring/Martin Fowler 
The Pragmatic Programmer:From Journeyman to Master/Andrew Hunt,David Thomas,Ward Cunningham(Preface) 
Peopleware:Productive Projects and Teams/Tom DeMarco & Timothy Lister 
Linkers and Loaders/John R. Levine 
Client Server Database Enterprise Computing/James Martin 
DataWareHouse From Architecture To Implementation/Bary Devlin 
Operation System Design-The XINU Approach/Douglas Comer 
Writing Solid Code/Steve Maguire 
Algorithm+Data Structure=Programs/NIclus Wirth 
Code Complete/Steve McConnell 
Component Software:Beyond Object Oriented Programming/Clemens Szyperski 
Software Reuse-Architecture,Process and Organization for Business Success/Ivar Jacobson,Martin Griss,Patrik Jonsson 
Extreme Programming Explained/Kent Beck 
Applying UML and Patterns,2nd Ed/Craig Larman 
The Java Programming Languages, 3rd Ed/David Holmes,James Gosling,Ken Arnold 
리눅스 완전분석으로 가는 길/박장수 
Operating System Concept/Abraham Silberschatz 
TCP/IP Illustrated Volume I,II,III/W.Richard Stevens 
Advanced Programming in UNIX Environments/W.Richard Stevens 
Understanding COM+/David S.Platt 
Compilers: Principles,Techniques and Tools/Jeffrey D.Ullman 
Numerical Reciples in C/William H.Press 
The C++ Programming Language Special Ed/Bjarne Stroustrup 
Effective STL/Scott Meyers 
Professional Jini/Sing Li 
C++ Primer/Stanley B.Lippman,Josee Lajoie 
대용량 데이터베이스 시스템/이화식,조광원 
Armchair Universe/A.K.Dewdney 
Writing for Computer Science/Justin Zobel 
The C Programming Language/Brian W.Kernighan,Dennis M.Ritchie 
Bugs in Writing Revisted:A Guide to Debugging Your Prose/Lyn Dupre 
The Design of The UNIX Operationg System/Maurice Bach 
Building Business Objects/Peter eles,Oliver Sims 
The Art of Computer Programming:Fundamental Algorithms/D.Knuth 
Professional ATL COM Programming/Ricard Grimes 
Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture, Volume 2/Douglas Schmidt 
Inside Java2 Virtual Machine/Bill Venners 
Understanding ActiveX/COM/David Chappell

개발자가 놓지지말아야할 책 베스트20
Fundamentals of Data Structues in C++/Ellis Horowitz,Dinesh Mehta 
Computer Networks/Andrews.Tanenbaum 
Modern C++ Design/Andrei Alexandrescu 
Database System Concepts/Abraham Silberschatz,Henry F.Korth,S.Sudarshan 
Modern Database Management/DaFred R.McFadden,Jeffrey A.Hoffer,Mary B.Prescott 
Data Mining:Concepts and Techniques/Jiawei Han,Micheline Kamber 
The Design and Implementation of the 4.4BSD Operating System/Marshall Kirk McKusick,Keith Bostic,Michael J.Karels 
UNIX Power Tools/Jerry D.Peek,Tim O’Reilly,Mike Loukides 
The Unix Programming Environment/Brian W.Kernighan,Rob Pike(Contributor),Robert Pike 
The Cathedral & The Bazaar/Eric S.Raymond 
The Society of MIND/M.Mmsky 
Fundamentals of Object Oriented Design in UML/Meilir Page-Jones 
Computer Organization and Design:The Hardware/Software Interface/David A. Patterson, John L. Hennessy 
Design Web Usability The Practice of Simplicity/Jakob Nielsen 
Introduction to Algorithms/Charles E.Leiserson,Ronald L.Rivest, Thomas H. Cormen 
Introduction to the Team Software Process/Watts S.Humphrey,Marc Lovelace 
Mythical Man Month/Frederick P.Brooks 
The Psychology of Computer Programming/Gerald M.Weinberg 
After the Gold Rush/Steve C McConnell 
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs - 2nd Ed/Harold Abelson,Gerald Jay Sussman,Julie Sussman

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